Tapping in Schools

Dr Peta Stapleton has conducted excellent research on tapping in schoools, for weight –loss and more.

In this presentation she starts out with presenting results of using EFT i.e. tapping in schools. You can read the downloadable paper instead of listening to her presentation during the first 31 minutes or so.

I rather suggest that you start listening at 32 minutes from the beginning of the video. There you will hear Peta answer questions (Q&A). She will talk about the usefulness of tapping for depression, self-mutilation, weight-loss, phobias, pain, addictions, PTSD, for temper tantrums and more. She compares tapping with DBT, CBT and mindfulness.

At last she talks about the user-friendliness and importance of tapping at workplaces, at home and for athletes.

Do not miss out on the summarising statement of what tapping is and can be. It comes during the last minutes of the video, beginning at appr. 1:03 Enjoy!

How to use tapping in schools: Evidence and clinical applications

PS One thing she miss out is a presentation of other tapping trainers in Australia. Steve Wells has been doing international trainings in eg Europe and has evolved his and Dr David Lake´s own version of tapping, SET & PET. They have worked in schools, with sports performance and at workplaces. DS